RUGO Logistics BV offers transports to and from various countries in North, East and Central Europe. Compare our transport destinations on the website.

Bosnia – Herzegovina5-6 days
Bulgaria6-7 days
Denmark1-3 days
England1-3 days
Estonia3-5 days
Finland2-5 days
Georgia10-14 days
Greece3-5 days
Hungary3-4 days
Ireland2-3 days
Kazakhstan14-21 days
Croatia3-4 days
Latvia3-5 days
Lithuania3-5 days
Macedonia5-6 days
Montenegro5-6 days
Norway2-5 days
Poland2-4 days
Romania5-6 days
Russia6-7 days
Servie5-6 days
Slovenia3-4 days
Slovakia3-4 days
Czech-republic2-3 days
Turkey5-7 days
Ukraine5-6 days
Belarus5-6 days
Sweden2-5 days
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Why RUGO Logistics BV?

  • is specialized in Northern, Eastern and Central Europe
  • 23 Charters
  • transport and Logistics
  • shipments can easily be followed by mobile phone
  • ADR equipment on all trucks
  • TIR Carnet available
  • excellent  communication and service