Transport to and from Armenia

  • transit time 10-14 days
  • communication with the Armenian partner
  • compliance with local regulations
  • careful transportation of your goods
Transittijd: 10 - 14 days

For all your transport to and from Armenia, RUGO Logistics BV is the right place for you. We arrange your transport and logistics from A to Z, from partial batches to full loads. With our extensive experience in transport to the CIS countries and the customs and practices there, we are the expert you are looking for. We specialise in various countries of destination in the CIS and have extensive experience. Moreover, we also have excellent connections with local contacts in the logistics sector. So with the help of RUGO Logistics BV you get the best out of your transport Armenia.

Arrange your transport to Armenia

A company like ours, specialized in transport to and from CIS countries, is perfectly suited to transport your goods to countries like Armenia. You will receive extensive information about your transport Armenia. With us, you can rest assured that the duration of a transport Armenia covers a period of approximately 10 to 14 days. Feel free to contact us to discuss your transport Armenia with us.

Transport and Logistics Service Provider

Because we have been active in logistics for many years, we have crucial knowledge to make your transport to and from Armenia run smoothly. RUGO is also the right place for transport to neighbouring countries such as Azerbaijan, Georgia and Turkey. This mainly involves knowledge of local regulations and local customs and habits in the logistics sector. As a result, we guarantee a strong bond of trust and permanent connections with contacts at the place of destination. This guarantees a successful transport network, which you as an exporter or importer can use conveniently, safely and confidently, for example to arrange your transport to Armenia.

Transport to Armenia

Why RUGO Logistics BV?

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  • Transport and Logistics
  • Shipments can easily be followed by mobile phone
  • ADR equipment on all trucks
  • TIR Carnet available
  • Excellent communication and service

Offerte aanvragen voor transport naar: Armenia

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Public Holidays Armenia

January – 01. 06. 07. 28.
February – 13. 28.
March – 08.
April – 24.
May – 01. 09. 28.
June – 16. 17.
July – 05. 28.
August – 16.
September – 21.
December – 31.

Forbidden transport in Armenia

There are no driving bans on public holidays or Sundays.