Transport to and from Australia and Oceania

  • Transit time depending on destination country
  • Communication with the local trading partner
  • Compliance with local regulations
  • Careful transport of your goods
Transittijd: Depending on destination

RUGO Logistics BV is your logistics partner for all your transport to and from Australia and Oceania. We have specialised in Australia and Oceania and have many years of experience in this field. With our extensive experience in transport to and from Australia and Oceania and the customs and practices there, we are the expert you are looking for. With excellent connections with local contacts in the logistics sector, we take care of your transport Australia and Oceania from A to Z. With the help of RUGO Logistics BV you will get the best out of your transport to Australia and Oceania.

Arrange your transport to Australia and Oceania

RUGO Logistics BV, which specialises in transport to and from Australia and Oceania, is particularly suitable for arranging your transport to and from countries and territories such as New Zealand, Polynesia, Micronesia, etc. For detailed information about our way of working, please feel free to contact us. This way we can inform you about the rates and details. The duration of a transport Australia and Oceania depends on the country of destination.

Logistics service provider Australia and Oceania

We know Australia and Oceania through and through and this makes you can really count on us. Besides a good service, we offer you:

  • Clarity about the entire process
  • High quality of our services
  • Safe and reliable transport

Transport to Australia en Oceania

Why RUGO Logistics BV?

  • 23 Charters
  • Transport and Logistics
  • Shipments can easily be followed by mobile phone
  • ADR equipment on all trucks
  • TIR Carnet available
  • Excellent communication and service

Offerte aanvragen voor transport naar: Australia & Oceania

  • Date Format: DD dash MM dash YYYY

National Holidays Australia

January – 01. 06. 26.
March – 04. 06. 11. 21.
April – 19. 21. 22. 25.
May – 06. 12. 30.
June – 09. 10. 20.
July – 09. 26. 28.
August – 05. 14.
September – 01. 03. 17. 27. 30.
October – 07. 23. 25.
November – 05.
December – 25. 26. 31.

Forbidden transport in Australia and Oceania

There are no driving bans on public holidays or Sundays.