RUGO Logistics is a well-known logistics transport provider having access to 23 daily charters in North, East and Central Europe . RUGO also offers regular transportation to Finland. We provide:

  • transit time 3-5 days
  • communication with our Finnish trading partner
  • compliance with local regulations
  • smooth transport of your goods
Offerte aanvragen Contact opnemen Transittijd 2-5 dagen

Transport to and from Finland?

For transport to and from Finland RUGO Logistics BV offers several alternatives:  groupage, part loads and full loads. RUGO takes care of your transport and logistics having  distribution points for your transportation

Our offer?

RUGO employees can help you with all your questions by simply contacting us by telephone. In short, for safe and reliable transportation you’ve come to the right place. Please feel free to contact us!

Holidays Finland

January – 01, 06
April – 03, 05, 06, 09
May – 01, 09, 14, 24, 25
November – 01, 08, 20 28
December – 06, 25, 26

Driving restrictions transportation Finland

Finland has no general driving bans on Sundays and during holidays.